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pic001Yehudis Klein stumbled upon Learning Technic’s Physio-Neuro Therapy program while teaching elementary school in Brooklyn, NY. A girl in her class continued to struggle despite countless hours of tutoring and therapy. Yehudis knew her student was an intelligent girl, but still unable to read for some reason, leaving the teacher extremely puzzled. After a particularly laborious session with her student, Yehudis googled ‘lazy brain’  and Learning Technics came up at the top of her search.

The more she read about their Physio-Neuro Therapy, the more she was convinced it was the answer to her student’s learning difficulties. The closest Learning Technics office was in Florida so Yehudis decided to open her own Brooklyn office. She  started taking classes, spent her summer months down at the Learning Technics headquarters in Utah and completed her certification. Meanwhile she had begun the program with her student and after a few weeks began to see improvement in her reading and processing of information. After six months on the program, her student was completely up to speed with the rest of her class. Yehudis was so thrilled with the program that she decided to open an office in Williamsburg under the name Neurolinks and devote herself full-time to the Physio-Neuro Therapy program.

“The more she read about their Physio-Neuro Therapy, the more she was convinced it was the answer to her student’s learning difficulties.”

Chayala Taub had a similar story with her father, a school principal, recommending the Neurolinks program to her after hearing her complain of difficulties with some of her students in Lakewood, NJ. Chayala looked into the program and was impressed, but knew that the weekly journey from Lakewood to Brooklyn would be difficult for many parents. She initially thought about just reading up on the therapy and testing it out, but decided that Lakewood could really benefit from a proper center and to open one she needed professional training in Physio-Neuro Therapy.

Like Yehudis, she spent time at the Learning Technic’s Utah headquarters and their trainers came  to Lakewood to ensure she was fully versed in the Learning Technics program. Upon completing the training, Chayala opened a small office in Lakewood which has grown tremendously over the past few years.