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Dear Neurolinks
Distraught Dad

Dear Neurolinks,

My daughter has great difficulty with reading. It’s not that she stumbles over reading a paragraph; it’s that she stumbles over reading even the most basic words. The past five years she’s spent hours in therapy and tutoring sessions with little improvement – not to mention the thousands of dollars we’ve spent!

I wish I could help her. Are her reading struggles going to haunt her forever?

– Distraught Dad


Dear Distraught Dad,

As parents we want the best for our kids, so when one of our children is struggling we pour everything we’ve got into making things better. If our child is being bullied at school, we crusade to better the school’s bullying policy. If our child is feeling ill, we demand that the doctor run every test possible. If our child’s grades aren’t up-to-par, then we hire every possible tutor to ensure their academic advancement. So when our child struggles to read we go into overdrive, emptying our entire bank account to employ every possible tutor and reading therapist available. Then when we don’t see improvement we become terrified. How else can we remedy the situation?

This is why Neurolinks is the perfect option. Many of the other programs only treat the symptoms; Neurolinks on the other hand treats the underlying problem – a Processing Disorder. Each student performs various exercises of increasing difficulty to rewire their brain, so that after 6 – 8 months they are fully cured.

Yehudis & Chayala

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