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Dear Neurolinks
Devoted Mom

Dear Neurolinks,

My son has just been diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder. The school recommended that I employ a tutor to teach him the classroom material one-on-one. I know my son is bright, there must be another route. I don’t want him to have to suffer through therapy and tutoring his whole life. How can I help him?

– Devoted Mom


Dear Devoted Mom,

Imagine sitting around the Shabbos table: two kids are playing UNO, your daughter’s trying to get your attention, another is screaming from the kitchen, and your son is telling some story about his Rebbe. On top of all this your husband is giving a Dvar Torah – trying to follow what he’s saying would definitely be a challenge!

This is what your son is experiencing in the classroom. The teacher might be talking but so are two boys in the back; listening and piecing together what the Rebbe is saying with all the background noise going on, would be quite a struggle for him.

The real question is why your son doesn’t understand the material being taught. Is it a focusing issue? Does he look like he’s listening, but his brain is spacing out? Is it that his brain can’t keep up with the pace in the classroom and is working too slowly?

Regardless, the underlying problem is a Processing Disorder. This is where Neurolinks can help, by rewiring the brain through exercises of increasing difficulty so that the symptoms are cured completely. There is no reason why your son should have to suffer a lifetime of tutoring.

Yehudis & Chayala

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