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Dear Neurolinks
Worried Mom

Dear Neurolinks,

I’m worried about my daughter who is in 12th grade. She is always getting distracted and never seems to finish a task. She constantly needs to be reminded to do things even when they are things she does on a daily basis. Every night I have to remind her that it’s her job to clear the table, and that she needs to hang up her uniform before going to sleep. How she will ever get married? How will she ever be able to hold down a job?

– Worried Mom


Dear Worried Mom,

Mothers always want the best for their children, so it is no wonder you want the best for your daughter. Although it’s difficult to diagnose without an evaluation, it sounds like your daughter is suffering from a Processing Disorder. Firstly, the fact that she is unable to stay on task points to a problem with something we call Figure Ground. This means she struggles to focus on a specific task when there are many distractions around. The second issue appears to be with Shape, which is the ability to recognize patterns and form details into a complete concept. When a child suffers from Shape issues they find it difficult to keep to a daily schedule, which is essentially as pattern. For example, even though every day a child wakes up, says Modeh Ani, gets dressed, and eats breakfast before heading to school their brain won’t automatically direct them to the next daily task. They might spend hours getting dressed and then afterwards forget that they are supposed to eat breakfast. It sounds like your daughter is having difficulty with patterns; meaning that she can’t stay on task and needs to be constantly reminded even when she performs these tasks every day.

The beauty of Neurolinks is that your daughter’s brain can be rewired by performing certain exercises, so her Processing Disorders will no longer hinder her ability to complete tasks. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call; we’d love to help change your daughter’s life!

Yehudis & Chayala

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