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Upset Girl

When The Principal’s Office Becomes Your Child’s Second Home


As told to Leah Cohen I had just sat down with a steaming cup of coffee when the phone rang. It interrupted my morning routine, a ten minute hiatus from my busy life; treasured time between seeing the kids off to school and my first client of the day. It was Sara’s teacher: “Mrs. Wolf,

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Angry Boy

How My Son Beat ADHD

As told to Leah Cohen As a toddler, Yaakov was an amazingly well-behaved child. He was good-natured and easygoing; he would put away his toys when he was told to, and go to bed without a fuss. His beautiful smile would melt every heart. However when Yaakov turned 4, our lives turned upside down. He

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Girl Holding Book

When Talking is Easy, But Reading is Troubling

As told to Leah Cohen: Rivky Levine was a bright, popular 8-year-old; a real extrovert. Her mother used to joke that she was born talking. Rivky had a wonderful vocabulary and for such a young child she was a great conversationalist. Ask Rivky, however, to read a sentence or even a word, and she was

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