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Brooklyn Testing Therapist

I was walking around Brooklyn the other day and passed a group of mothers sitting outside a coffee shop. As I walked by I overheard words such as testing, therapists, evaluations, processing issues, and sensory problems come up in conversation. If you pass a coffee shop frequented by mothers, you’re likely to overhear much of the same.

It has become extremely common these days for children to undergo testing for some sort of processing issue, or even multiple problems. One study suggests that one in six children have some sort of processing issue, meaning that these problems are extremely widespread. Chances are a family you know has a child whose undergone testing and is seeing a therapist for processing issues.

Sensory Processing Disorder in particular involved one or more sense being under or overdeveloped. So children may be bothered by over or under stimulation of senses. For example, loud noises and bright lights might bother some, while others might be extremely perturbed with certain material and food textures. Boys who suffer from sensory processing disorder might find they don’t know when ‘enough is enough’, and they may continue playing rough until they get themselves into serious trouble. They may have problems focusing in school and listening to directions, even reading and writing can be a problem. This leads to recommendations to take a child for testing, as they may need to go to a therapist to help with these sensory challenges.

In Brooklyn and Lakewood we are lucky as there is another alternative. Neurolinks, a nationally acclaimed Physio-Neuro Therapy program can help with all sorts of processing issues, whether they lead to behavioral, social, or academic problems. The therapy was first introduced to the educational world in 1988, and has since seen much success nationwide. “When I found out about Physio-Neuro Therapy I wanted a few of my students to attend the program, however there was no base in New York, let alone Brooklyn,” says Yehudis Klein, founder of Neurolinks Brooklyn. “I know I had to open my own center on my own turf, Brooklyn. I underwent training and here we are today, helping hundreds of children and adults with our revolutionary approach.” The Neurolinks’ program combines mental and physical exercised to strengthen the ten ways a child’s brain is processing the world around them.

Children come in for an evaluation, testing their brains capacity for learning and whether they are suffering from any processing issues. “The testing that we do is complete, we look at the whole picture not simply one issue. I have countless parents who come in to the Brooklyn location for testing and explain that their child is suffering from one issue. Unbeknownst to them, their child is suffering from a few problems which might be affecting their learning, behavior, or social integration.”

Neurolinks provides an innovative six to eight month and in 93 percent of cases, students do not require any additional therapists once they’ve completed the Neurolinks program. The program is ahead of the curve because it doesn’t simply treat the symptoms but focuses on the underlying causes of the problems. The exercises employed in each session help strengthen the brain’s capacity, which neither tutoring nor a therapist generally achieves.

Neurolinks is conveniently located in Brooklyn and Lakewood, with trained professionals serving the whole tri-state area and even Toronto. Investing in Neurolinks should come prior to spending thousands of dollars on tutors and therapists, because ultimately it helps diminish the need for them. You can help your child’s learning disabilities without spending years in a therapist’s office. Every child deserves to reach their potential and achieve – some just need a little more assistance than others.