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Child Therapist in Lakewood, NJ
Child Therapist in Lakewood, NJ

Child Therapist in Lakewood, NJ

Your child is unable to read and he is already ten years-old. Plus he is suffering from a plethora of other issues such as aggression, tardiness, social withdrawal and serious mood swings. You are exceedingly worried and a starting to look into various therapists upon the recommendations of his school teacher, and the school psychologist. This is Lakewood, NJ, so there are countless child therapists, who make countless promises. How do you know who to trust? How do you know who to choose? Your mother tells you one thing, your sister-in-law another thing, and your child’s principal has another idea. You are lost in a world of confusion and child therapists. The thing is, you could spend thousands of dollars and waste hours and hours of your precious time, shuttling your son from therapist to therapist. One therapist might help with his reading problems, another with his behavior, and yet another with his tardiness. What should you do?

This is where a program like Neurolinks can really help, as the program helps tackle the underlying issues and get to the root of the problem so that there is no need to go to numerous different therapists, and spend years treating symptoms. Neurolinks believes in curing the actual problem, so that after six to eight months in the program the child has improved immensely and their issues have been cured. In fact, in 93 percent of cases students do not require any additional tutoring or therapy once they’ve completed the Neurolinks program. Neurolinks is a nationally acclaimed Physio-Neuro Therapy program designed to help those suffering from processing disorders. It is a comprehensive one-on- one program that combines mental and physical exercises to strengthen the ten ways your child’s brain is processing the world around them. Neurolinks helps both adults and children who struggle with ADHD, dyslexia, lack of focus, and those who generally suffer academically, socially, and behaviorally.

Physio-Neuro Therapy was first introduced to the educational world in 1988 and has since successfully treated thousands of struggling students, addressing learning difficulties, as well as social and behavioral issues.  Each student that comes to Neurolinks receives an assessment to identify specific processing problems. Then the Physio-Neuro Therapy program is tailored to meet his or her needs. Instructors work with struggling students to strengthen underperforming areas of the brain through physical and mental exercises of increasing complexity. Once a student masters one exercise, he or she is ready to move on to the next one. These exercises increase the brain’s capacity to process and effectively engage the body and the mind together, strengthening those weak areas of the brain. Ultimately, this increases a student’s ability to complete learning tasks, behave properly, and interact appropriately with others.

Most students with processing difficulties have problems with more than one brain process. Physio-Neuro Therapy works on multiple brain processing problems at once, something that with any other therapist can’t be achieved. This means that most academic and social issues can be addressed through the same program. Furthermore, the effects of Physio-Neuro Therapy are permanent because the brain processing issues are eliminated.

Neurolinks has made a significant difference in many people’s lives, with results manifested both at home and school. Trained professionals serve the tri-state area, including Brooklyn and Lakewood, NJ. Neurolinks believes that every child deserves to reach their potential and achieve – some just need a little more assistance than others.