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Learning Disabilities Specialist Lakewood, NJ
Learning Disabilities Specialist Lakewood, NJ

Learning Disabilities Specialist Lakewood,  NJ

Many brilliant minds have belonged to individuals who have spent a lifetime suffering from learning disabilities. From the likes of Albert Einstein who was unable to read until the age of nine, to Walt Disney and Vice President Nelson Rockefeller who could have been classified as ‘dyslexic’ their entire lives. Even Whoopi Goldberg and Charles Schwab haven’t let learning disabilities affect their achievement and success. Thus, it is the concept of smart children who suffer from learning disabilities that has caused many parents to ponder, calling in every specialist imaginable.

Essentially a learning disability is a neurological disorder that results in a difference in the way that an individual’s brain is wired, ultimately effecting the processing of information being taught. Those suffering from learning disabilities have not developed the necessary connections in the brain to turn what has been taught into usable information. Children suffering from learning disabilities may have difficulties with reading, writing, spelling, and math. The brain’s lack of ability to process information can also lead to issues with organization, focusing, memory, abstract reasoning, and time management; effecting not only academics but relationships and employment further down the line. There are many specialists, especially in Lakewood, NJ, who believe that years of tutoring can help children with learning disabilities simply get by.

Step in Neurolinks, a nationally-acclaimed Physio-Neuro Therapy program with locations both in Brooklyn and Lakewood. Their program has successfully proven to help children and adults suffering from learning disabilities, as well as other social and behavioral problems. The therapy was first introduced to the educational world in 1988, and has since seen much success nationwide. The secret to Neurolinks’ success is that they approach learning disabilities differently to typical learning specialists, as they recognize that many issues are simply symptoms of a much larger problem, namely processing issues. Thus, the Neurolinks program combines mental and physical exercises to strengthen the ten ways a child’s brain processes the world around them. Many learning specialists in Lakewood may temporarily help children get on top of their school work load, but essentially they do not reach the root of the program and provide more of a ‘band-aid’ solution than a cure. One reason that Neurolinks’ Physio-Neuro Therapy program has been so successful is by the mere fact that in 93 percent of cases, students are not required to see other specialists or additional therapists once they’ve completed the program.

Neurolinks has already made a significant difference to many people, with results manifested both at home and school. With two convenient locations, in Brooklyn and in Lakewood, NJ, Neurolinks professionals currently serve the whole tri-state area. Neurolinks is the best option to help cure learning disabilities, rather than spending thousands of dollars on tutors, specialists, and therapists. Neurolinks should be the first stop on a student’s road to improvement and independence. No child deserves to suffer from learning disabilities, every child deserves to reach their potential and achieve – some just need a little more assistance than others.