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Therapists in Lakewood, NJ

Therapists in Lakewood, NJ

Does your child suffer from academic, social, or behavioral issues? Do you feel like you’ve been to every therapist in Lakewood. NJ? From reading and behavioral therapists, to tutors, occupational therapists, physical therapists and everything in between? Are you at your wits end and feel like you can’t spend another hour or dime on therapy but your child is still suffering?

There is a therapist for everything these days, from reading and writing, to behavioral, physical, and emotional issues; and there are plenty of competent therapists in Lakewood, NJ that can help with a plethora of issues. Have you been wondering why you’ve still had no success with your child?

Neurolinks is a nationally-acclaimed Physio-Neuro Therapy program with locations in Brooklyn and Lakewood, which has successfully proven to help children with behavioral, social, and academic issues. The therapy was first introduced to the educational world in 1988, and has since seen much success nationwide. Neurolinks’ success as opposed to therapists is that the program looks at the overall problem not simply the symptoms, it gets to the root of the problems which are usually caused by a number of processing issues. The Neurolinks’ program combines mental and physical exercises to strengthen the ten ways a child’s brain is processing the world around them.

Children come in for an evaluation, testing their brains and whether they are suffering from any processing issues. “I have countless parents who come in to the Lakewood location for testing and explain that their child has been through every therapist in Lakewood and is still suffering from academic, social, or behavioral issues or a combination of all. Unbeknownst to them, their child is suffering from a few processing issues which might be affecting their learning, behavior, or social integration,” says Chayala Taub of Neurolinks in Lakewood.

Neurolinks can help children who suffer from reading problems and dyslexia, visual tracking issues, memory problems, pattern discrimination issues, dyspraxia, spatial discrimination, problems with math and writing, and inattentiveness. The innovative program can run for six to eight months and in 93 percent of cases, students do not require any additional therapists once they’ve completed the Neurolinks program. The exercises employed in each session help strengthen the brain’s capacity, which neither tutoring nor a therapist generally achieves.

Neurolinks is conveniently located in Brooklyn and Lakewood, with trained professionals serving the whole tri-state area and even Toronto. Investing in Neurolinks should come prior to spending thousands of dollars on tutors and therapists, because ultimately it helps diminish the need for them. You can help your child’s learning disabilities without spending years in a therapist’s office. Every child deserves to reach their potential and achieve – some just need a little more assistance than others.