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How Can Neurolinks Help?

How can Neurolinks Help?

Neurolinks, a nationally acclaimed Physio-Neuro Therapy Program is designed to help those suffering from Processing Disorders. Physio-Neuro Therapy was first introduced to the educational world in 1988 to assist those children and adults who battle ADHD, dyslexia, lack of focus and generally performed poorly academically and socially.

Neurolinks provides an innovative six to eight month program that addresses both learning difficulties and behavioral issues. In 93 percent of cases, students do not require any additional tutoring once they’ve completed the Neurolinks program. The program is ahead of the curve because it doesn’t simply treat the symptoms but focuses on the underlying causes of the problems. Neurolinks recognizes that most students’ struggles are caused by inefficient processing of the brain.

“The program is ahead of the curve because it doesn’t simply treat the symptoms but focuses on the underlying causes of the problems.”

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The Neurolinks program employs an intense one-on-one method using mental and physical exercises to strengthen cognitive skills and treat each individual’s specific needs. Tutors work with struggling students to strengthen underperforming areas of the brain through physical and mental exercises of increasing complexity. Once a student masters one exercise, he or she is ready to move on to the next one. These exercises engage the body and the mind together and strengthen those weak areas of the brain. This increases the brain’s capacity to learn and perform learning tasks.

Most students with learning difficulties have problems with more than one brain process. Physio-Neuro Therapy works on multiple brain processing problems at once. This means that most academic issues can be addressed through the same program. Furthermore, the effects of Physio-Neuro Therapy are permanent because the brain processing issues are eliminated.

Neurolinks can solve the following learning problems and more:

•    Reading problems (fluency, comprehension, etc.)
•    Dyslexia
•    Visual tracking issues (convergence disorder)
•    ADHD
•    Memory problems
•    Pattern discrimination
•    Dyspraxia (motor learning)
•    Spatial discrimination
•    Dyscalculia (problems with math)
•    Dysgraphia (problems with writing)
•    Social Awkwardness
•    Poor Time Management
•    Clumsiness
•    Inattentiveness
•    Easily Overwhelmed

Each student that comes to Neurolinks receives an assessment to identify specific learning problems. Then the Physio-Neuro Therapy program is tailored to meet his or her needs.

Neurolinks has made a significant difference to many people’s lives, with results seen both at home and school. Trained professionals are currently serving the tri-state area, including Brooklyn and Lakewood. Neurolinks aims to reach and assist as many families as possible, with the belief that every child deserves to reach their potential and achieve – some just need a little more assistance than others.