Meet our Director, Yehudis Klein

Yehudis Klein’s introduction to Physio-Neuro Therapy actually began with her father. Yehudis’s younger brother had been struggling academically for years. His reading and writing skills were very poor, he struggled socially, and was behaviorally challenged in the classroom and at home. His parents had tried every tutor and therapist in town, but they were at a deadend. It wasn’t for a lack of trying, as Yehudis’s brother would rise early and stay up late, grappling with the concepts he was being taught in the classroom, but nothing helped.

After Googling the term ‘lazy brain’ one night, Mr. Klein was convinced that his son possessed the intellect, but it was merely his brain that was letting him down. Mr. Klein’s search brought up the Learning Technics website, and he began to learn about Physio-Neuro Therapy, an idea that really resonated with him. Being that his own daughter, Yehudis, was an educator and a school teacher, he asked her to find out more about the program. Yehudis spoke to Learning Technics founder, John Heath, and read his book When Bright Kids Can’t Learn. She was extremely fascinated and she felt there were students in her classroom that could benefit from the program as well. She knew that her students were bright students, but they were just having difficulty learning.

After months of research, Yehudis flew to Utah in July 2009 to become a certified Physio-Neuro Therapy instructor. She brought the program back to her Brooklyn classroom, and began to work with one of her students, testing out the program. Yehudis worked with her student for months after school, and slowly her student started to improve. Initially, Yehudis’s student had spent most of her time at school in the resource room, but as time went on, she began to stay in the classroom more and more, until eventually she no longer needed assistance with her studies.

“She knew that her students were bright students, but they were just having difficulty learning.”

Yehudis was ecstatic and from there she moved onto work with her brother. He was fifteen at the time and incredibly burnt out from years of struggling with his studies. Yehudis convinced her brother that it was worth the effort because she had seen such success with her student. Slowly news of the program spread, and Yehudis’s phone started ringing off the hook. And just like that Neurolinks was born!

How Physio- Neuro Therapy Came About

John Heath, the founder of Learning Technics, created the Physio-Neuro Therapy program. As a child he struggled academically, and despite his parents best efforts and hours of tutoring, he struggled to read and write.

When John became a parent, and his son began to experience the same difficulties, he knew he had to get to the root of the problem. He felt that he had been “tutored to death” to no avail and he didn’t want his son going through the same thing. While researching various options, he met a parent of another struggling child, Sally Higley, and together they created Learning Technics, an applied research company. They aimed to find a permanent solution for struggling students, and an answer to their question as to: Why traditional teaching methods, which seemed to be successful for 80% of students, didn’t work for the remaining 20%?

Through the research performed by the Learning Technics team, they discovered that these students were unable to effectively capture teaching and turn it into personal learning. Their research included a basic understanding of information processing, and how the mind is able to process. Using new neuro-research, the Learning Technics team designed the Physio-Neuro Therapy program, designed to strengthen the way one’s mind converts teaching into learning. They performed extensive testing and found incredible success. The most enlightening result was the realization that most individuals don’t merely exhibit one weakness, but they suffer from many difficulties, and they must all be addressed as a whole, in order for a person to improve their learning.