72 Summit Ave, #111
Montvale, NJ

Meet the Team

All instructors work both in-person and virtually.

Leah Lebovits, Instructor
Yehudis Possick, Instructor

Leah Lebovits

A certified Physio-Neuro Therapy instructor, Leah has been with Neurolinks since 2012. Starting out at the Williamsburg location, she now brings her wealth of experience to Monsey. Leah has transformed the lives of dozens of Neurolinks clients, leaving a lasting impression on many who still remember her fondly even years later, crediting their success to her. With her trademark calm demeanor she encourages clients to reach new heights. Leah is known for her patience and ability to guide the most challenging students to success.

Yehudis Possick

Yehudis is a certified Physio-Neuro Therapy instructor, who has particular success working with children and teens from all walks of life. Her commitment to building a strong relationship with her clients, as well as her ability to adapt the Neurolinks program to each of her client’s specific needs, ensures optimal results time and time again. Yehudis is a firm believer that every individual has the potential to succeed, and that working closely with each client is an integral part of their transformation process.