Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Neurolinks different from other programs?

There are ten different processing difficulties one can experience, from auditory to sensory to visual processing disorders. Children who struggle with processing usually experience weaknesses in a number of areas, not just one. Physio-Neuro Therapy differs from other programs because it targets all the underlying issues whereby every processing difficulty is addressed. This helps the growth of the whole child, so that when they have completed the Neurolinks program there is a significant, noticeable improvement.

Neurolink’s Physio-Neuro Therapy program includes different physical and mental activities that create new pathways in the brain and enable those with processing difficulties to process information easily.

How long does the Neurolinks program typically take?
The program typically takes a total of six to seven months. On average this includes a one-hour session at a Neurolinks location, and four to five sessions at home, each week. Participants also have the option to attend a few sessions a week at a Neurolinks office, should that work better for their situation. Although every child is different, research has shown that after participating in the program for a mere six weeks there may already be some progress, and by the third to fourth month mark there is noticeable improvement. Students participating in the program have shown tremendous positive changes with significant improvements in grades and behavior. Furthermore, most students who previously attended daily tutoring sessions are able to keep up with the regular class without any extra help after going through the Neurolinks program.
Is Neurolinks a computer program?

Neurolinks is not a computer program. The program is completed either in-person or virtually with an instructor. The program creates fluent readers out of non-readers, where children are able to read at their grade level after participating in our program. Through various physical, neurological and auditory exercises we are able to help those who have been diagnosed with ADD, dyslexia, are unable to focus, are impulsive or socially awkward. Upon completing the program children are able to focus and sit still, as well as behave appropriately during class and in social settings.

What ages do you work with?

We work with individuals ages six through adults.

What type of work will you be doing with my child?
Physio-Neuro Therapy includes mental and physical exercises that rewire the brain. Every processing weakness requires different exercises to help strengthen it. These are performed under the guidance of a Neurolinks instructor, and exercises include using the eyes, using the body, writing etc. No computers or machinery are used, and we provide all the supplies needed for these exercises.
What time of day do sessions take place?

The Neurolinks offices are open 10am to 7pm, Monday through Thursday, and 12pm to 8pm on Sundays. Depending on a child’s schedule, sessions can take place whenever most convenient for them and their family. We have some children who attend their session during the day, so as to have a break from school; while others prefer after school.

While attending Neurolinks, should my child still be completing regular homework?
Schoolwork and homework should still be completed, while attending Neurolinks, although we do recommend modifications if necessary at the beginning.
How does the Neurolinks program help with behavior and social issues?
When the Physio-Neuro Therapy exercises are performed, it causes the brain to be in a “managed overload” phase, which strengthens the weak pathways of the brain. This helps the individual learn how to behave in the same way that any other child their age would, in terms of appropriate social interactions, cause and effect etc.
What happens when my child completes the program? Are they cured for life or is it possible they might need to complete the program again when they are older? Is any maintenance required?

Neurolinks provides a cure, so the program never needs to be repeated a second time. Humans are constantly processing the world around them, and through Physio-Neuro Therapy new brain pathways are reinforced creating permanent changes in the brain.

Can a few of my children attend Neurolinks at the same time?
We can work with siblings simultaneously, but each child receives a customized program and the sessions are one-on-one. We do not offer joint sessions.