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Frequently Asked Questions | Neurolinks Physio-Neuro Therapy
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions  

What makes Neurolinks different from other programs?

There are ten different processing difficulties one can experience, from auditory to sensory to visual processing disorders. “Children who struggle with processing usually experience weaknesses in a number of areas not just one area of processing. Physio-Neuro Therapy differs from other programs because it targets the underlying issues of multiple disorders, so that all processing difficulties are addressed not just the symptoms of one,” Yehudis stresses. “This helps the growth of the whole child, so that once they’ve completed the Neurolinks program there is a significant, noticeable improvement.” Neurolink’s Physio-Neuro Therapy program includes different physical and mental activities that help reprogram the brain and enable those with processing difficulties to process information easily.

How long does the Neurolinks program typically take?

The program typically takes 6-7 months with 5-6 one-hour sessions a week. Participants have the option to attend the Neurolinks site for every session or they may attend one session a week with an adult and continue at home. Both Yehudis and Chayala stress that every child is different, but from the 4 week mark there is often noticeable improvement. “Some children can take longer, but by the end of the program there is tremendous improvement. This doesn’t stop with the completion of the Neurolinks program, rather it continues as children are faced with new challenges and experiences,” Chayala says. “I’ve bumped into parents a few years after their child completed the program and they still tell me how appreciative they are of Neurolinks and how much it has changed their child’s life.” Yehudis and Chayala have both seen tremendous positive changes in those that participate in the program with significant improvements in grades and behavior. Furthermore, many students who previously attended daily tutoring sessions are able to keep up with the regular class without any extra help after going through the Neurolinks program.

Is Neurolinks a computer program?

“Neurolinks is not a computer program,” Chayala emphasizes, “we work very hard with each student, taking the time to tailor the program to suit their specific needs. We create fluent readers out of non-readers, where children are able to read at their grade level after going through our program. Through various physical, neurological and auditory exercises we are able to help those who have been diagnosed with ADD, dyslexia, are unable to focus, are impulsive or socially awkward.” Upon completing the program children are able to focus, sit still, as well as behave appropriately during class and in social settings.

Both Yehudis and Chayala encourage parents to give them a call and schedule an evaluation for their child. This will enable parents to find out more about the Neurolinks program and allows the Neurolinks staff to determine if the program is right for their child.