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Brooklyn, NY 11206

Meet the Team

All our instructors are English and Yiddish speaking, and work both in-person and virtually.

Zissy Fogel, Instructor
Elky Moskowitz, Instructor
Chaya Devoiry Zigelman, Instructor

Zissy Fogel, Instructor

Zissy is a certified Physio-Neuro Therapy Instructor, who works with individuals of varying ages and backgrounds. She has vast experience working with clients who are behaviorally challenged and have extremely low self-esteem. Her clients see impressive academic, behavioral and social change, due to her understanding of each individual’s struggles. Zissy lives by the mantra that sometimes the hardest things in life, end up being the most rewarding.

Elky Moskowitz, Instructor

Elky is a certified Physio-Neuro Therapy Instructor, who works with young children and teenagers. She is committed to providing a warm and interactive environment for each client, so that difficult tasks can be tackled with ease. Elky draws on her experience in special education, to connect with each client and help them reach their true potential. She finds joy in helping others achieve change in their lives, something clients and their families never think is possible.


Chaya Devoiry is certified Physio-Neuro Therapy Instructor, who works with children and teenagers. She is dedicated to creating a warm and enjoyable environment where her clients are able to thrive. Chaya Devoiry appreciates the unique challenges that come with processing issues, and is committed to steering her clients through the Physio-Neuro Therapy journey. Her greatest joy is observing clients as they discover new possibilities and opportunities that open up to them after attending Neurolinks.